Whether you’re a kid who loves science, a home-school parent wanting to supplement your curriculum, or just a parent trying to entertain kiddos over a school break–our circulating STEM kits are great!

We currently offer 8 STEM kits available to check out and bring home, located in our children’s non-fiction section in clear zipper bags, we are always adding to this collection. Come see them to check out or place a hold for an on the catalog by searching “Waddington Steam To Go Kit”.

Our Kits

Anatomy Kit: this bag contains a skeletal model, x-rays, an anatomy boo, fun prompts and much more. The perfect kit to introduce your child to human anatomy

Buggin’ Out Kit: Insect lovers and future entomologists will enjoy learning about bugs, looking at some close up, and even catching their own. This bag contains amber-fossilized bugs, bug catching jars, prompts for learning and a journal to document your finds.

Rocks and Minerals: Created using the NYS Earth Science curriculum, this kit has the tools to help teach identifying rocks using streak plates, nail, glass and charts to determine characteristics to help you identify rocks. Comes with a book about rocks and minerals, questions for learning, a set of rocks to use and a streak plate, glass plate, copper plate and nail to test characteristics.

Weather Kit: Calling all meteorologists! This fun bag contains many different experiments you can do at home to learn about weather and how it works.

All About Magnets: Magnets are a fun entry-level lesson into science and the world of STEM, this kit contains materials and activities you can do to learn about magnetism–fun for all ages.

Math Kit: Math doesn’t always have to be the least favorite subject, this kit comes with materials and activities to make math fun.

Simple Machines: Learn about the most basic of engineering with this kit, it supplies all the materials to build the 6-simple machines that are the foundation for most engineering. It also provides learning resources and questions for after the build to maximize learning.

Solar System: Houston, we have a STEM Bin! Utilize this bin to learn the basics of the solar system, it includes a 3d, moving model to explain the concept of orbits between the sun, moon, and Earth, teach children about night/day, the seasons, and equinoxes/eclipses with this fun bin. Includes questions, activities, and a constellation finder.

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