General Policy

  • The community room is available to individuals or organized groups on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use, for the purpose of educational, civic, charitable, and social events. The granting of permission for use of the community room does not constitute endorsement by the Hepburn Library of Waddington’s Board of Trustees or Staff.
  • Library programming takes priority over all other events. 
  • Patrons reserving the community room must be age twenty-one or older, provide photo identification, and be in good standing with all libraries in the North Country Library System. A library card is not required, but patron records will be reviewed to ensure all household members are in good standing.
  • Requests for use of the community room are made directly to the circulation desk. Approval is at the discretion of the Library Director.
  • All requests, signing of contract, and rendering of payment must be done during normal operating hours of the Library.
  • Community Room Rental Fees:
  1. Local Non-Profit private parties can use the Community Room for private events for a charge of $35.00
  2. Non-Local non-profit private parties can use the Community Room for private events for a charge of $50.00. 
  3. Profit-making organizations sponsoring an educational event of a non-profit nature will be permitted to use the meeting room provided the meetings/events are open freely to the general public. If event is not open to the general public, or te event is of a profiting nature, then the charge for use will be $50.00 per event. 
  4. Regardless of the event described above, a $50.00 cash deposit is required in advance to reserve the room. This deposit will be returned after the event, less for damage or disposal costs. Deposit cannot be used against usage fees. Deposit can be waived at the discretion of the Library Board for certain known and regular usage organizations. 
  5. Applicant is to pay a deposit with submission of application. Within 5 days of approval of application, applicant is to pay their non-refundable fee. 

Use Policy

  • Refreshments may be provided and served by the group. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises. 
  • No smoking or vaping is allowed in the building, on the grounds, in parked vehicles, or within 100 feet of any library door. This is regulated by New York State Law Public Health Law §1399-o, subdivision 6. 
  • No animals other than service animals are allowed in the building without advance permission by the library director.
  • No person under the age of twenty-one should be allowed in the library unattended.
  • No open flames are allowed on the premises with the exception of small birthday-style candles and sterno cans used to maintain food temperature. Fireplaces are not functional and are not to be used.
  • The noise level should be maintained such that library patrons are not disturbed.
  • There is to be no decorating done near the lift, and no tables or other items set-up near the lift door or operating system. A clear pathway of at least 48 inches must be maintained from the entrance door to the lift. When the community room is to be used outside of Library operating hours, users shall make no attempt to enter the upstairs portion of the Library, storage rooms, or to operate the lift.
  • In case of fire or other emergencies, all building occupants should be notified immediately to allow for evacuation of the building before calling 911 to report the emergency; the address of the building is 30 Main Street, Waddington, NY 13694. After hours and/or weekends, renters should evacuate the building, call 911, and then notify library staff as indicated below.
  • If there are any other problems or concerns, contact the Director.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the Library may be open/closed at the discretion of the Library Director. Library closures (Monday through Friday) are posted on the Library’s Facebook page at Renters should discuss earlier access to picking up the key when inclement weather is forecast, rather than risk the library being closed on the days prior to the event.
  • Any group or individual that fails to comply with library policies may be denied access to the community room. The library is not responsible for the loss of any equipment, supplies, materials, clothing, or other items nor does the library assume any liability for groups or individuals using the library.
  • Use of the room for illegal purposes or any purpose other than purpose stated at time of application is prohibited.
  • The group representative or individual who signs the community room use agreement shall be responsible for any and all loss or damage to the facility. Criminal prosecution may be pursued when necessary.
  • Following the event, renters are expected to: (1) fold up tables and chairs and return them neatly to their storage locations (table against the wall, all chairs neatly organized on the racks and covered); (2) clean kitchen (remove leftover food, wash, dry, and put away dishes/coffee pots, wipe out sink and wipe down countertops); (3) sweep floor of debris (confetti, glitter, food crumbs) and mop up any spills; (4) empty trash cans if more than half-full and place bags inside door for later disposal; (5) return thermostat to 60 degrees; (6) turn out lights; (7) lock all doors;  and (8) return key, if borrowed, on the next business day.
  • Upon inspection following the event, and return of the building key (if borrowed), the deposit will be refunded to the renter in the same manner it was made (cash, check). Failure to clean up, failure to protect library property, failure to return key on time, or complete loss of key, failure to keep building secure (ie, not locking door when building is unattended); failure to keep second floor secure (ie, allowing event attendees to climb over the security gate); and any other reason that requires library staff to be in attendance during the event may result in forfeiture of room deposit.

Liabilities Losses or Damages

The Renter undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Hepburn Library of Waddington and the Town of Waddington from any liabilities or damages the Hepburn Library of Waddington and the Town of Waddington may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs or judgments against the Hepburn Library of Waddington and the Town of Waddington arising out of the use of Library/Town facilities by the Renter.

I further understand that I will be held financially responsible for any damages made to facilities, appliances, furniture, and any equipment, including the cost of repair for any damage to Library furnishings caused by the use of pens, paints, crayons, dyes, markers, tape/adhesive, or other materials.

I further understand that I will be held responsible for the behavior of all those in attendance at the function proposed above. I understand that the Director or Board of Trustees may cancel our use of the facility if I or my group fails to comply with the user agreement and the Community Room Use Policy.

Period Covered

This Indemnity Agreement shall extend from the date of this Agreement to and including the end of event and/or return of the building key.

Expense, Attorney Fees and Costs

If the Hepburn Library of Waddington and/or the Town of Waddington, in the enforcement of any part of this Indemnity Agreement, shall incur necessary expenses, or become obligated to pay attorney fees or Court costs, the Renter agrees to reimburse the Hepburn Library of Waddington and/or the Town of Waddington for such expenses, attorney fees and costs within ten (10) days after receiving notice from the Hepburn Library of Waddington and/or Town of Waddington of the incurred expenses, costs, or obligations.

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