Starting this week, our brand-new set of Tabletop Role-Playing-Game Equipment and Map Crafting Set will be available for public use while within the Library! Though the books and campaigns are DnD Fifth Edition, the Map Crafting, Dice Sets, and other Tabletop Tools can be used for nearly every fantasy TTRPG you can play!

The two campaigns we have available to use are ‘The Lost Mines of Phandelver’, an excellent entrance into DnD, as well as the beloved horror campaign ‘Curse of Strahd’. We also have dozens of pre-made character sheets, so anyone can pick up and play with minimal difficulty!

An excellent Dungeon Master Screen, complete with three of the most essential Sourcebooks in the genre.

With over 5,000 different tile pieces to choose from, you can make any kind of dungeon, castle town, or forest fortress that you desire for your campaign.

Alongside hundreds of character pieces — many heroes, monsters, NPCs, and more — you can populate your sessions with easy-to-read visuals and maps, and with greater ease than ever!

And of course, we have plenty of dice!

All of this can be used in our community room downstairs upon request, if available, during library hours.

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