Welcome to our Summer Reading Program! This Summer’s theme is Read Beyond the Beaten Path, a camping and outdoors theme that we’re sure all participants will love. We’re currently planning events and activities and will post any updates. Registration will start in mid-June and will close the beginning of July, with the program itself starting one-week after school lets out for the Summer.

One of the new ideas we’re implementing this Summer is ‘Brag Tags’! This will coincide with the regular reading logs.

All children who register for Summer Reading will receive a chain with one tag to start.

Every 30 minutes read, you’ll mark a box on your reading log– this will also earn you a colored bead to add to your chain! Every 8 beads you can turn in for another brag tag, by the end of the Summer you’ll have a chain of tags and beads to show off!

As you go through your reading log there is different incentives you can collect as well, either trips to the treasure chest or an entry into the grand prize raffle!

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