This week Renée is recommending a non- fiction book that she and her husband enjoyed so much they purchased their own copy.

The book is written by Lawrence P. Gooley, who describes himself as a North Country/Adirondack author. He publishes his books through Bloated Toe Publishing in Peru, New York.

The book is titled Bullets, booze, bootleggers, and beer. Volume 1: 1920-1926: the story of prohibition in northern New York. It is a compilation of newspaper articles, police reports and other information from the time of Prohibition in the North Country.

There are tales of wild chases, shootings, speakeasies, arrest stories and more. It describes the role of New York in the repeal of Prohibition after 14 wild years. This is the only time a constitutional amendment has been repealed in US history.

His book is available at the Colton and Depauville Libraries and through interlibrary loan.

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