Staff Pick: Ashley Chapin, Library Assistant

Review: “Sadie,” by Courtney Summers, is a YA thriller about a girl trying to find her sister’s killer. The book has dual timeline perspectives, one from the girl, Sadie, and the other from a podcast host who is about five or so months in the future. The story goes back and forth between a first person narrative of Sadie’s journey to finding her sister’s killer and a true crime podcast who fills in some of the details about Sadie after the fact.

Sadie’s story is one that I will never forget and it has stayed with me ever since I have read it. It touches on some tough issues that young girls go through and the strength they must find to survive. I would describe this book as dark, mysterious, engulfing and heartbreaking. The ending had me in tears and I highly recommend this for thriller or true crime readers of any age.

This was the first book that I listened to the audiobook while concurrently reading the physical book and it was an experience that I would highly recommend. The audiobook had a whole cast of narrators and even added ambient noise that made the story more real. The alternate chapters read like an actual true crime podcast and I felt fully immersed in the book.

I would rate Sadie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.Come on in and check out this book today!

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