Book recommendation- Rene’e Backus

“The Gods of Laki,” by local author Chris Angus.

The author, Chris Angus is a lifelong Canton, N.Y. resident and a personal friend of mine. He comes from a literary family with both his mother and father being professors of English Literature and authors. Chris is an award-winning author who has written many essays, fiction books, non-fiction books and has made many other literary contributions. Check out Chris’s official website for more information and to see all the books he has written.

I have read many of Chris’s books both fiction and non-fiction. I thought the Gods of Laki would be a good choice given the fact that it centers around a volcano in Iceland and Iceland has recently seen an erupting volcano that had been dormant since the 13th century.

The book is a thriller about mysterious volcanic forces and a plot to alter the Earth’s climate. I found it to be fast paced and unpredictable.

Good Reads describes it as “being told mainly from three different viewpoints, each in a different point in time. A race to unveil the secret of Laki, a volcano on the southern shores of Iceland, pits our heroes—a sixteen-year-old Viking girl from the tenth century, a German geologist from World War II, and a former Secret Service agent protecting a female volcanologist—against evil forces with a plan to cause an eruption using explosives, altering the global climate through the release and forcing the price of oil to skyrocket.”

I really enjoyed the weaving of past and present. If you enjoy history, science fiction, mythology and mystery you will like this book. It is available at the Waddington and Canton libraries and through interlibrary loan.

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