Staff Pick: Ashley Chapin, Library Assistant

I read this fantasy and I absolutely loved it! This is a story about two girls who are Bone Criers and whose job it is to ferry the spirits of the dead. In exchange for their dedication, this group of women receive special abilities at the cost of their one true love. Ailesse is ready to become the new matriarch of the group and must perform her rite of passage in luring and killing the boy she is destined to love. However, Bastien, whose father was killed by a Bone Crier, is seeking revenge against the first one he can capture and when Ailesse and Bastien meet, their fates become entwined in life and death. Meanwhile, Ailesse’s best friend, Sabine, is willing to do whatever she can to save Ailesse, even if it means defying all she grew up believing.

I really enjoyed the society of women/girls that would ferry the dead to the afterlife and the mythology and unique magic system that was used. The idea of having the ability to transfer certain animal characteristics through a ritual was so fascinating to me and made me think of what animals I would choose! I also enjoyed all the discoveries that were made throughout the story which kept it interesting and the journey the characters went through to become stronger people. I highly recommend reading along with the audiobook as well because it has a three-person cast for each of the point of views!

I would recommend this for people who like strong female characters, semi-enemies to lovers romance, and a cool, unique magic system. I rated this book five stars.

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